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16 Jun 2016, 14:01
Laura (47 posts)

The book is probably too advanced for me. I get this error strait from the start:

render pdf: "contents", template: "path/to/template"

You have one or more invalid gemspecs that need to be fixed. The gemspec at /home/ubuntu/workspace/pdf_renderer/pdf_renderer.gemspec is not valid. Please fix this gemspec. The validation error was ‘“FIXME” or “TODO” is not a description’

I use Cloud 9 for learning/development.

Any ideas?



18 Jun 2016, 01:55
Jack M (1 post)

Hi, Laura. In the root of your project is a file with the extension .gemspec. That file is mostly text, and has a few “TODO” or “FIXME” items in it from the generator. You can substitute just about anything else in there and it should pick up and work.

Hope that helps.

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