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24 Sep 2014, 18:47
Arnd R.Strube (88 posts)

Firstly, I have only started reading your book (in an eclectic manner) and I find it very useful. I own both the printed and the Kindle edition. The printed edition would probably just grace my bookshelf if… well if it wasn’t for…

The Kindle edition has a few really severe drawbacks.

First, it is totally useless in the reference section (ironically), because it lacks certain indexing and browsing facilities. Kindle search just doesn’t cut it. And it is not realistic to page through hundreds or possibly thousands of locations page-by-page.

What I would like to see is:

  1. Each major section (as now found in the TOC) has a landing page with links to subsections.
  2. Each subsection has another landing page with sub-subsections (we might be at class level here).
  3. Each class has a landing page with links to its methods etc.
  4. An actual keyword index might be useful.

Another nuissance are the graphic illustrations which have been downsized and compressed to death. Really, they have no practical use whatsoever. Even if you enlarge them and look at the enlargements with a magnifying glass, you can’t read the printed text, because the resolution is so poor and then on top of that there are jpeg artifacts.

I would very much appreciate if this could be improved in a future edition.

Also, I got curious about extending Ruby with the C language (actually, possibly using Ruby and RSpec to behaviour-drive C language modules when reading the RDoc section. Unfortunately, the subject of how to write C extensions seems to be outside of the scope of the book.

29 Sep 2014, 19:39
Arnd R.Strube (88 posts)

I had a chance to take a good look at my printed copy over the weekend and I came to the conclusion that the Kindle edition contains a glitch, where the alphabetical listing preceding the reference section all runs together and lacks a lot of detail information. I will enter an erratum for this.

25 Mar 2016, 21:14
Narsimham Chelluri (1 post)


I wanted to ask, is it really true there is no keyword index? I can’t find one; it makes it very hard to search for things when, case, if, etc.

Thank you.

26 Mar 2016, 04:19
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

We couldn’t find a way to format an index that didn’t take (literally) hundreds of pages.

The Kindle is really not an ideal environment for technical books. I strongly recommend epub or PDF.

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