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30 Jan 2014, 18:29
Nick Esposito (1 post)

The connection between the ‘“1” message and the “line~” object had me stumped for a good while! I had assumed the object connected to the right inlet of the “line~” object, due to the vertical alignment of the two objects.

Reading the manual for line~ it’s clear why I was wrong, but i think the graphic could use an update to make that clear.

(Hint: i figured it out by highlighting the connection and seeing that it touched all the way to the left side in the pdf)

Just my thoughts! I love the book and am tearing through it.


05 Feb 2014, 17:46
Tony Hillerson (38 posts)

Nick, that’s a good catch. Sometimes I get too focused in trying to make lines straight. That particular one is definitely confusing. You’ve got the right idea of how to track it down to the correct inlet, though.

Thanks for the feedback, Nick.

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