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03 Nov 2013, 20:45
Stephen Starkey (3 posts)


I just got my copy of the Beta book – looks good so far! While I was reading the introduction I noticed some missing words:

The phrase:

The clojure web stack is based on the Ring and Compojure libraries. [1][2] the base HTTP library, while Compojure provides routing on top of it.

is missing some words. I’m assuming you mean to insert “Ring, “ before “the base HTTP library”.

Will let you know as I see things!

03 Nov 2013, 20:48
Stephen Starkey (3 posts)

Another missing word:

There are many frameworks, such Ruby on Rails, Django, and Spring

I think there should be an “as” between “such” and “Ruby.”


04 Nov 2013, 03:43
Dmitri Sotnikov (149 posts)

Thanks, got those cleaned up and hopefully I’ll find all the rest before the final release. :)