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07 Jan 2014, 16:47
Cory Wilkerson (2 posts)

FWIW - Lighttable picked up the route after a forced restart but it just seems like this isn’t the way you want to ramp users into building a web-app. Lighttable is a distraction from the material itself.

Enjoying the material but would like to get Lighttable out of my way.


07 Jan 2014, 16:58
Cory Wilkerson (2 posts)

It seems like kicking off the book with lighttable might be a regrettable decision. While lighttable has some killer features it’s still in its infancy and incredibly bug prone.

For instance, just added new route for testing saving; lighttable won’t pick it up even after I stop/start server in instant repl.

Lein however has no problems.

Further, I can’t get Lighttable to run on a few diff machines but was able to succeed finally on a third machine ;)

09 Jan 2014, 03:32
Dmitri Sotnikov (147 posts)

Out of all the IDE options available, Light Table is by far the easiest one to start with. The book originally started with using Eclipse and most users did not enjoy working through setting it up and using it.

Light Table got the best reception from majority of readers I surveyed and I still think it’s the best option at the moment. I’ve been using Light Table myself for a few projects and I’ve had very few issues with it.

However, I do mention other editors in the appendix, and have short guides for setting up both Eclipse and Emacs. Nothing in the book is tied to using Light Table, so if you’re not having a good experience with it then definitely try out the other IDE options.

23 Jan 2014, 05:45
Jarrod Swart (4 posts)

I really enjoyed the book. I agree 100% that LightTable is by far the best way to introduce those new to Clojure to the manner of developing with a tightly integrated REPL, as is common with Lisps.

It’s mostly about learning what to re-eval when adding code:

Did you update your project.clj?

  • You need to kill your running REPL, restart it and fire up the server.

Did you add a completely new route?

  • Reload the namespace.
  • Did that not work?
    • Reload the handler.clj that aggregates all routes.
      • Did that not work?
        • See above about project.clj.

Did you add code to a function?

  • Re-eval it.

Did you change some hiccup code, text, etc inside a function?

  • Save the file.
    • Did that not work?
      • Re-eval the function.

That handles 99.9% of my issues.

18 May 2014, 18:49
Marten Sytema (2 posts)

Jarrod, thanks for this enlightment. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why i kept getting Not Found message after posting something in the guestbook, until i realized i had to re-eval handler.clj.

(Might look obvious, but I still have to get used to this whole REPL workflow…)