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28 Nov 2016, 15:26
Efraim Augusto (1 post)

I’m at Chapter 8 of the book, and I’m at the swagger-ui page trying to register a user, and I’m getting back an error:

  "errors": "(not (map? nil))"

I’ve tried everything, even changing the params to :query, which works at the swagger page, but when I try to register a user from the UI I get the following error:

{:status 400, :status-text Bad Request, :failure :error, :response {:errors {:id missing-required-key, :pass missing-required-key, :pass-confirm missing-required-key}}}
28 Nov 2016, 17:15
Dmitri Sotnikov (144 posts)

The error states that you’re passing a nil argument that’s expected to be a map. The second error indicates that the keys are not where they’re expected to be. The easiest would be to compare with the working version of the project in the code samples, and see what’s different in yours.

The documentation for Schema found here might also be helpful.

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