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27 Oct 2013, 16:12
Rick DeNatale (12 posts)

I’ve been using both the epub version of the beta book on my iPad and the pdf version on my mac.

I got confused in section 13 whilst reading the book on the iPad in bed last night, because the left pointing arrow head bullets which are used to indicate inserted or changed code (e.g on the page numbered 151 in the PDF*) are being rendered in the epub as asterisks, which looked to me like some elixir syntax I’d missed.

  • I say page 151 because that’s what shows in the page header. Preview is saying this is page 158 of 283 because of the front-matter pages. I’m not sure which page numbering we should use to report errata.
12 Dec 2013, 16:48
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

Yeah.It’s a pain, because we have to use lowest common denominator markup for epubs because of devices such as the kobo.

17 Jan 2014, 23:33
Simon P. Chappell (20 posts)

Is there a way you could have a selection of Epub files? One for simpler devices and one for high resolution screens? It removes some of the simplicity, but may give readers a better reading experience.