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07 Dec 2013, 00:26
Simon P. Chappell (20 posts)

When reading on my first generation Nook, the book freezes in the middle of section 14.1 (this is page 169 in the PDF and 174 on the Nook).

The paragraph at the bottom the last page that I can access starts “So let’s run a node called node_one in the top window …” After pressing the page forward button, the Nook appears to do nothing and then after quite a while (perhaps 30 minutes?) a dialog box appears explaining that the process is taking a long time and I have the choice to wait or force stop.

I see from the PDF that a table is the next thing on the next page. Perhaps it is too big?

12 Dec 2013, 16:33
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

This really sounds like something that B&N should be looking at.

18 Dec 2013, 21:22
Simon P. Chappell (20 posts)

There were similar problems with your Technical Blogging book. I don’t know how you fixed them, but the book worked fine in the final release.