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18 Sep 2014, 12:08
Kosmas Chatzimichalis (15 posts)

Any clues about a problem when trying to use the latest version of httpotion (0.4.2) and trying to compile, when creating the issues application?

I’m getting the following:

==> hackney (compile) Compiled src/hackney_connect/hackney_pool_handler.erl Compiling src/hackney_connect/hackney_http_connect.erl failed: src/hackney_connect/hackney_http_connect.erl:11: can’t find include lib “kernel/src/inet_dns.hrl” ERROR: compile failed while processing /home/kosmas/Prog/elixir/pp_issues/deps/hackney: rebar_abort ** (Mix) Could not compile dependency hackney, /home/kosmas/.mix/rebar command failed. If you want to recompile this dependency, please run: mix deps.compile hackney

Is there something missing from my erlang installation since it complains that it cannot find the inet_dns.hrl?

Is this included in the installation or needs to be installed?


19 Sep 2014, 19:51
Kosmas Chatzimichalis (15 posts)

It seems that the additional package erlang-src was missing from my distribution’s installation of erlang. After installing that there are no more errors and it compiles fine.

03 Nov 2014, 13:49
Raymond Vernagus (2 posts)

Thanks for the info, Kosmas! I had the same problem but thanks to your post I didn’t have to troubleshoot.

04 Jan 2015, 08:09
Jason Goldberger (2 posts)

In Linux Mint (Petra 16) erlang-src can be found in the Software Manager application. Just search for ‘erlang-src’ and install. Compilation should go smoothly after.