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03 Aug 2013, 04:32
David Melgar (1 post)

My issue with this book overall is that during the tutorial it too often throws in some cool Rails cryptic shortcut that is poor described. The book doesn’t explain where various features come from, nor how to find appropriate documentation to explain it. The goal should be to enable the user to fend for themselves.

Case in point is Chapter 14 regarding authentication. There is little to no mention nor description of who or what is handling login and authentication. I’m still not sure if its a plugin.

In chapter 25 towards the end under Plugins, there is mention of ‘devise’ and ‘authlogic’, but then states that “We implemented these functions ourselves in Depot,”. However this does not appear to be true. It was true in earlier revisions but not this one. And still no clear mention is made of what if any plugin is being used.

I’ve been attempting to learn ruby on the side for years by periodically using this book and its always frustrating. Fewer fancy tricks and more consistent, repeatable and easily discoverable approaches would be beneficial to allow a user to continue to make progress after reading the book. Its the classic giving someone a fish vs. teaching them to fish.

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