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23 Nov 2013, 05:48
Kurt Euler (6 posts)

Hi. I reached the end of 11.2, iteration F2, and am finding that when I click on a product in the catalog, the item doesn’t appear automatically in the cart. I have to press F5 to make the count/total update.

The troubleshooting bullets didn’t offer any clues. I’ve tried restarting Firefox, restarting rails server, examinging logs. Also, I’ve gone into Firefoxes settings and disabled caching. No luck.

Any help would be appreciated. (Some people are writing about installing some kind of javascript UI Gem. Could that be a solution?)



24 Nov 2013, 19:32
Kurt Euler (6 posts)

Nevermind. My Typo. Specifically, I left out the last quote (“) in This omission apparently didn’t render as a error anywhere (that I found).

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