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30 Dec 2013, 12:11
Christopher Stiphout (1 post)

From the text:

As far as verifying that this works, unfortunately there isn’t much to see. If you go to that page, you should see nothing change, which in fact is the point! The best you can do is to make a change to the template anywhere inside the cache block without updating any product and verifying that you do not see that update because the cached version of the page has not been updated.

I tried this, by adding the text “Title: “ just prior to the product title:

<h3>Title: <%= product.title %></h3>

But even with caching turned on (and server restarted), the change is rendered to the browser. The server does report that caching is turned on and being used; I’m using all the code from the book, downloaded from, so I’m pretty sure I’m using the suggested code… what am I missing?

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