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07 Jul 2014, 20:29
idrissa diallo (1 post)

can anyone help please I was following instructions in this book :Agile Web Development with Rails 4 after copying the text in the book and pasting it in the index file I got the error bellow and the broser displayed: We’re sorry, but something went wrong.

this was displayed in terminal after running command : rake test. 1) Error: ProductsControllerTest#test_should_get_index: ActionView::Template::Error: /home/idrissa/rails_projects/agileapp/app/views/products/index.html.erb:20: syntax error, unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting ‘)’ …d=( cycle(​’list_line_odd’​, ​’list_line_even’​) );@…

Please if anyone knows what the issue is. Please help me I am new to ruby on rails. Thanks in advance

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