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09 Apr 2014, 06:24
Viktor Ageyev (8 posts)

p. 47 of the book:

Stop and restart your server, then connect from the Minecraft client. Run your new command, “/simple” and marvel at the messages on your console. Here’s what mine looks like:

… and a picture whith message than send from running a command (“/simple”) from terminal window.

But, if I Alt-Tab from Minecraft client window, my game stops (just like pressing ‘Esc’). How can I see message from server?

Tried on Windows 7 and on Linux (bodhilinux).

09 Apr 2014, 21:04
Viktor Ageyev (8 posts)

Hmm… After ‘Esc’ client window still shows messages send from server, in shadow. For exapmle,

say “hello”

works. But


does not shows anything to client, despite the fact that it loaded, and in server console was: > 19:23:44 [INFO] [MySimple] Start up.

09 Apr 2014, 18:57
Andrew Hunt (222 posts)

Are you typing /simple or /mysimple? Mysimple provides the /mysimple command, which is my example version; you are writing the /simple command in the Simple plugin.

09 Apr 2014, 21:09
Viktor Ageyev (8 posts)

Got it.


is a command, we should type in client window, not in server terminal window (like ‘say “hello”’)