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21 May 2014, 14:24
David W. Robinson (1 post)

Has anyone tried using this book with a Raspberry Pi? I bought my nephew a Pi and his first question was ‘can I run Minecraft on the Pi’. I found a version of Minecraft for the Pi but I was wondering if plugin development can be done on a Pi.

22 May 2014, 13:31
Carl Cravens (10 posts)

The Pi version of Minecraft is a fork of the Pocket Edition… it’s written in C or C++, not Java, which makes it much harder to mod. (And it’s not being maintained… they released one Alpha version.)

Nothing you learn from this book will be applicable. Sad, because the Pi is meant to be a learning platform and they released a Minecraft for it that is useless for learning programming. (Not that they could have gotten Java to run on a Pi.)

01 Jun 2014, 19:00
Andrew Hunt (227 posts)

I tried on my Pi, and I don’t have enough memory (I think it’s the earlier 128MB model). I can compile the plugins okay using javac, but I wasn’t able to get the bukkit server up and running.


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