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11 Sep 2014, 01:19
Emil Foster (1 post)

Hello all. I’m hoping someone can help me here, because I feel like this is a very simple problem that I am overlooking the solution to. I cannot find the download page for BusyBox. As far as I understand, it should be here:

When I go there (regardless of browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera) the page cannot be loaded. Am I the only one seeing this? I’ve tried it on both my home and work connections with no luck. I’m not sure what is even causing the issue (unless this link is actually broken) so I am not sure what if any specs I should post. Please advise.

11 Sep 2014, 07:36
Ron Yorston (5 posts)

Hi Emil. I’m the maintainer of BusyBox for Windows. The link you quote above is correct: it’s a direct link to the executable. When I enter it in the address bar of Internet Explorer on Windows it gives me a dialog asking whether I want to run it or save it. Saving it would be the right thing to do.

Similarly when I use that link in Firefox on Linux I get a dialog asking if I want to open the file in Archive Manager or save it.

You could try using this link:

This will list the contents of the busybox folder, which contains lots of old releases and the corresponding source code. Somewhere among all of that your browser should display a link to busybox.exe. Right-clicking on that should give you a context menu with an option to save the link.

30 Nov 2016, 15:25
Fabio Elbel (1 post)

Hey :)

I can´t install BusyBox about this Links:

When I go there (regardless of browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera) the page cannot be loaded. I would look forward to an answer :) Greetings Fabio

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