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08 Sep 2015, 18:51
Vassil Kovatchev (2 posts)


My son is interested in plugin development with the Spigot server. It looks like Bukkit plugins are (mostly) compatible with Spigot and as such, I believe the first edition of your book is more fitting for my son’s needs.

The problem is that the first edition is close to impossible to buy these days. Is it possible for it to be purchased in electronic form on your website?

Thanks, Vassil

09 Sep 2015, 13:37
Andrew Hunt (227 posts)

I’ve put it back up for sale again on our site. Good luck!


09 Sep 2015, 18:57
Vassil Kovatchev (2 posts)

Thank you so much, Andy!

And thank you for everything you have done for the programming community :)

Regards, Vassil - an avid reader of yours since the days of “The Pragmatic Programmer”.

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