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20 Dec 2013, 14:50
Jim Stewart (4 posts)

Been struggling with Chapter 3 since yesterday.

Figure 8. Creating a new project Do we need to do this? I thought we did this already. When I try to add the project id it tells me it already exists. Which is does.

29 Dec 2013, 20:30
Emil Georgiev (2 posts)

I was thinking the same thing. I also can’t figure out where to go back and press the + to add another URL like it says on page 35, step 6. That whole section is very confusing.

07 Jan 2014, 19:27
Michael Bevil (2 posts)

You should not need to create a new project - just add the Mirror API to the existing one.

26 Jan 2014, 04:06
Eric Redmond (21 posts)

Sadly, you’re all correct. This book was written and went to publication right between Google’s transition from the old project console, to the new cloud console. It was just bad timing, since the new cloud console was still in development while we went to print.

Future revisions of the book will be clearer, since Google has finished the new cloud console and officially announced removal of the old one.

Sorry for any confusion here,


08 May 2014, 15:33
Ron Swanson (2 posts)

Is there an errata or revision website we can visit to get an update to this portion of the tutorial? I’m running into errors left and right because nothing matches the book and I have no experience with it prior to now.

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