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30 Dec 2013, 06:32
Emil Georgiev (2 posts)

In chapter 3 when I tried to add the, it needs to import SessionUtils but it throws an error that they can’t be found. The same is happening with the others like,

The particular line of code is:


How can this be solved?

07 Jan 2014, 19:26
Michael Bevil (2 posts)

No mention of this utility class is made in the book but you can find it in the source code - add it to the package

26 Jan 2014, 04:09
Eric Redmond (21 posts)


Michael is correct. All of the code is not printed in the book, We tried to keep the book around 100 pages, and as relevant to the Mirror API as possible. This means that some of the boilerplate GAE code wasn’t covered. To do so would have taken too much focus away from learning the Mirror API.

Sorry for any confusion,


08 May 2014, 15:20
Ron Swanson (2 posts)

Why would you think that you should introduce a new class but not even write a single sentence to explain where it comes from? As a programmer for whom Glass development is my first ever foray into Java/Eclipse/Android (not my choice), this threw me off for an extra hour while I tried to figure out if SessionUtils was a Java thing, a package from some other library I should go download, a new class I should write myself, etc. Even a comment in one of the files would have greatly reduced the headache this caused. I don’t think one sentence would be “taking too much focus away” from the Mirror API.

For anyone else stumbling on this page, download this file:

and add it to your package.

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