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16 Sep 2015, 21:39
David H. Adler (2 posts)

Do we have any idea yet how much has changed, and how much of the book needs to be read with a careful eye for said changes?

17 Sep 2015, 01:48
Chris Adamson (344 posts)

We had hoped to have it out this week, and were on time to do so until I got sick, so… sorry about that.

Of the 200 pages currently in the can (in various states of editing/reviewing/feedback), the biggest change you’ll see in the iOS 9 book is that it starts off with three chapters up front just about Swift, rather than intermingling the Swift language throughout the book. Last year, we didn’t feel we could speak authoritatively about a language that nobody outside Apple had been using for more than a few weeks, and one that was likely to change, so we focused much more on the frameworks. This year, Swift is much more a finished thing, and we’re comfortable talking about just the language itself (I’ve been using it full-time since last October, Janie has been switching between Swift and C).

We’re also modernizing the code everywhere for more idiomatic Swift. In the iOS 8 book, ParsedTweet was a class, even though it’s just a container for five properties. That’s awfully heavy for Swift, so in the new book, it’s a struct. We also changed the delegate system for parsing the tweets to use a completion-handler metaphor (which I find I’m using at work all the time), and a free function to do the parse instead of an object, because again that’s much better idiomatic Swift. And the “if let, if let, if let…” pyramids of doom parsing the JSON are banished by the use of guard let, as well as chained if let (eg, if let bar = foo(), baz = bar.fizz()…)

We’re also working in new iOS 9 features where they make sense for a book of this scope and audience. For example, the testing chapter now has a section on the new UI Testing feature that automatically interacts with the UI for you (tapping buttons, typing, scrolling) and then calls into your test code.

So it’ll look somewhat familiar from being based around that same Twitter example (as of chapter 4), but the details are changed to be much more modern Swift style, and new iOS 9 topics here and there.

18 Sep 2015, 23:56
David H. Adler (2 posts)

Sorry to hear you’ve been ill, but looking forward to the new edition.

Feel better!

07 Oct 2015, 16:36
Robert Sherwood (3 posts)

Just saw the email about the iOS 9 book beta. Will this be a separate book, or an update? If it’s a new book, do current owners of the iOS 8 book get a discount on the new book?


24 Dec 2015, 12:12
Marcin Swierczynski (1 post)

I’d like to ask the same question as Robert did… Any discounts for iOS 8 edition owners?

20 Feb 2016, 17:04
Pietro Francesco Menna Ruiz Diaz (5 posts)


I also wanted to check if there is going to be a discount code for the owners of the previous version of the book. Any updates in this matter?

21 Feb 2016, 17:09
Chris Adamson (344 posts)

When I asked like a month ago, they said there was not an upgrade price for readers of the iOS 8 book.

This is the first time I’ve done two books so close together for the Prags, so I don’t know if they ever do an upgrade pricing scheme, of if they’re even set up for it.

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