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11 Apr 2016, 10:33
Patrício João dos Santos (7 posts)

Hi Noel,

I bought your book at 11 June 2014, unfortunately only this month I remember that I had this book :(

I start reading now, and I’m trying to follow the exercices using Ruby 2.3.0, Rails 5.0.0.beta3 and RSpec 3.5.0.beta3.

At this moment, I’m reading the **Chapter 3. Test-Driven Rails **. On page 50, and I see that you created a new class CreatesProject on new directory app/actions/creates_project.rb.

Looking to this, something comes to my head. This code does not belongs to concerns folder app/controllers/concerns? or are different things?

Thanks and congratulations for the great book.

Regards Patrício dos Santos