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17 Apr 2017, 18:29
Scott Johnson (4 posts)

I have several Ruby command-line programs as part of a large git repo. They get run by Makefiles as part of a complex build process.

I have trouble using third-party gems because random people within the company clone this git repo and run using the system-wide ruby. I don’t want my programs depending on the system-wide gems. I’ve developed a solution using Bundler and vendored gems, but that is a heavy hammer that requires that every user to run bundler before they can run each program.

Does this book discuss other possible solutions to this problem?

17 Apr 2017, 18:46
David Copeland (501 posts)

It doesn’t deal with this problem directly, unfortunately. The guidance in the book is to use RubyGems, which is problematic if you have a lot of stuff installed on a system. Vendoring like you are proposing is likely the best thing to do.

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