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12 Apr 2014, 00:34
Michael Noga (1 post)

The book tells us to create two new particle emitter files, obstacleExplode.sks and shipExplode.sks. We’re then give two screen shots, one for each file and told to take note of the differences. This is very difficult to do by looking at the images. I’ve been reading the book for the most part on my iPad with retina screen and sometimes on my 15” Macbook Pro with Retina screen and you really can’t read the settings in these screen shots very clearly. I had to go into the source code provided with the book to get the correct settings. With thrust.sks we were given a better screen shot of just the settings which was much easer to read as well ad text that gave us the settings, this is what needs to be done for all particle emitter files.

14 Apr 2014, 13:02
Jonathan Penn (44 posts)

Thanks Michael for the feedback. What format are you using to read on your retina iPad screen? There may not be much I can do on my end because of the way the publisher’s build toolchain post-processes the files. I’ll see what I can do.

Regardless, I’ll change the wording of that page to instruct the reader to open the files in the sample code and study the settings there. It’s really the best way to do it, anyway, because then you can play with the settings and see the results. That’s kinda the point of the visual particle editor that Apple was going for.