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23 May 2016, 18:30
Joshua Mills (2 posts)

Working through Chapter 5, and as I’m following the npm install --save-dev grunt-eco command, I get the following error:

npm WARN peerDependencies The peer dependency grunt@~0.4 included from grunt-eco
npm WARN peerDependencies longer be automatically installed to fulfill the peerDependency
npm WARN peerDependencies in npm 3+. Your application will need to depend on it explicitly.
npm ERR! Darwin 14.5.0
npm ERR! argv "node" "/usr/local/bin/npm" "install" "--save-dev" "grunt-eco"
npm ERR! node v0.12.6
npm ERR! npm  v2.11.2

npm ERR! peerinvalid The package grunt does not satisfy its siblings' peerDependencies
npm ERR! peerinvalid Peer grunt-eco@0.1.2 wants grunt@~0.4

Is there an alternative package I can use to do the same thing? The other npm install commands worked without a problem.

And a link to the currently open issue on the grunt-eco repo: Plans for compatibility with grunt 1.0?

23 May 2016, 19:14
Joshua Mills (2 posts)

I had to install Grunt version 0.4.5 to get grunt-eco to install.

npm install --save-dev grunt@0.4.5

This should work fine at the project level, but it was still something I stubbed my brain on.

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