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03 Mar 2008, 19:32
Ken Pratt (3 posts)

I’m thinking about purchasing the Augmented Reality book and starting an AR project, but I’m trying to price out cameras first.

What models do you recommend? The Point Grey Firefly MV seems to be the cheapest “good for AR” camera currently on the market, but at $300 it is still quite expensive for a recreational project.

Would the author be willing to post the excerpt of the hardware section of the book online? It would greatly help me in making a decision whether to buy a camera or not and hence whether to buy the book or not.

03 Mar 2008, 19:40
Ken Pratt (3 posts)

I should add that I am most interested in cameras that work with OS X.

I’ve read about people having success with the PS2 Eyetoy in AR (moreso than with webcams), but can’t find any accounts of the eyetoy working with OS X.

13 Mar 2008, 21:09
Stephen Cawood (3 posts)

Hello Ken, the answer for Windows is any USB 2.0 camera. I’m checking into the MacOS answer.

This book doesn’t require a camera specifically designed for Augmented Reality. Those are generally for commercial use.


08 Apr 2009, 02:20
David Wilhelm (4 posts)

Apparently, USB cameras are not very well supported on Mac OS X … I guess its all about the firewire/iSight. However there’s an opensource project called Macam which supports a bunch of USB cameras. It said that the Logitech Quickcam Connect ‘should probably work’, so I went out and bought one. Well, it sort of works, but the quality is so horrendous that its completely unusable. So I would recommend getting one with a native mac os x driver, as apparently some of the newer more expensive logitech (or other brands probably) have them.

It would be awesome if the builtin iSight camera on my macbook would work, but so far I can’t say if it will, as I’m having the trouble getting the demos which use the camera to compile, though that is another story….

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