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09 Mar 2008, 13:03
Erik Edin (2 posts)

The ARTag SDK seems to be missing, at least at the moment. The site links to a page that exists, but lacks any SDK download links.

Maybe this is just a temporary glitch? Anybody has any alternative site for the SDK?

13 Mar 2008, 21:15
Stephen Cawood (3 posts)

It is a glitch, and we’re working on getting it resolved. Sorry about the hassle.

Until we get this sorted out, please use:

Note that you don’t need the SDK to run the compiled examples that come with the book download (available from this site), you only need the SDK to compile ARTag programs.


18 Mar 2008, 10:10
Erik Edin (2 posts)

Thank you for the reply!

Is there a place to get the Linux version, too? I’m a Linux only kind of guy :)


18 Mar 2008, 21:01
sky splawn (1 post)

OS X too! Im an anything but windows kind of guy :)


24 Mar 2008, 04:00
Andrew Butcher (1 post)

I’d like to see this for OS X too, it’s why I bought the book. The opengl_simple demo crashes on my MacBook Pro. Console says “no permissions” on the binary in the .app package. After fixing that, it couldn’t find text_texture.ppm. Anyone else have the same problem?

12 Apr 2008, 21:37
Mark Hembrow (2 posts)

Ok to fix the demo in OS X you need to copy the text_texture.ppm file to the Resources directory in XCode by right click - add - Existing Files. Then change main.c on line 23.

My main issue is that I need the ARTag code for OS X as well. I would prefer OS X as I have been developing OpenGL apps on the platform as well as Touchlib Multitouch apps using OpenCV and a tweaked Point Gray camera driver.

Any chance of the OS X source? Linux would be OK I can compile it on my PS3, I have OpenCV and the RSX workaround running on it.



16 Apr 2008, 06:30
Stephen Cawood (3 posts)

there is Linux and OSX code in the SDK and I believe there is also some in the book specific download (called “code”) which is available from the main book page on this site:

16 Apr 2008, 21:12
Mark Hembrow (2 posts)

The SDK link above seems to be for windows only and the link in the book to the SDKs is dead citing that it is temporary unavailable. The lib directory in the above SDK only contains C# and windows lib files only, no shared object files. I looked at some blog postings for last year and there were references to specific OSX and Linux ARTag SDKs “link”: . The demos run fine on Windows “link”: but my OpenGL skills are on Mac OS X.

Great book even if I am stuck with windows.

Self admitting Mac fan boy.


30 Apr 2008, 15:43
Mark Fiala (1 post)

Hello, I’m Mark Fiala, the creator of ARTag. If you purchased the book you can download the Rev2K SDK for Windows, Linux, or MacOSX for free (for non-commercial private use that is) at the following link: . Our regrets for the delay, there was a transition period between when the NRC offered it and it being released to me to distribute.

Enjoy! Mark

02 Sep 2008, 13:41
Dr. Mike Reddy (1 post)

Have just ordered the book off Amazon and cannot wait to try this out. I am a lecturer in Games Development and the University of Wales, Newport. If the basic tests work out, I am hoping to use situated cameras with programmed DS Lites, iPhones or PSPs to show interactive patterns; this will depend on how well cameras “see” the handheld screens.

14 Nov 2008, 18:02
Knud Steven Knudsen (1 post)

Hmmm, having just downloaded the sdk for Mac OS X (purchased the book this past week), I’m sad to see the expiration is not 6 months from now, but Dec 31, 2008. I know how this works in the libs, so am not surprised.

I guess the bigger question is, with all the legal agreements acknowledged to download the SDK, and the binary lib dist, why the time limit at all? I think I’ll not in vest the time to develop stuff for this and look at AR Toolkit or others.

02 Dec 2008, 20:00
Atif Zafar (1 post)

I just bought the book from Pragmatic Programmer and I am unable to download the toolkit. The three word checker does not work! The words are not there on the pages as stated on the form. Is there another location to download the toolkit? Thanks.

18 Feb 2009, 12:27
Mark Hermsen (1 post)

In the book Augmented reality a Practical guide some files are missing from the toolkit The files for creating the checkerboard are missing. and the files for twars are missing. Could someone please put those online as well.

In the case were I totally missed them with my crocked eye side please point me in the right direction.

16 Mar 2009, 05:45
Andang Gumilang (1 post)

How to change resolution of camera? When I running 3d_augmentations_usb.exe the resolution always 160x120. Photobucket

04 Apr 2009, 20:19
Eduardo Asta (1 post)

Hello Mark Fiala

I have just bought your book and downloaded Artag SDK. I am very curious how to apply it to the newspaper where I work. Next week I will show your software to some descionmakers there. I am gathering all kind of samples about augmented reality that I can. I have downloaded your demo as well and about this one I must say that “2d_augmentations” was not included there, and, I would like to know if you could point me some place do download more 3D objects.


24 May 2012, 02:15
Allysson Bivar (1 post)

hello all, I have problem to find artag sdk for windows Anybody has any alternative site for the SDK?

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