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07 May 2008, 08:51
Tim Burt (1 post)

Hi all. I’m not sure if this is the right forum for this question - if not I apologise!

I’ve been experimenting with ARTag over the past few days, and am really excited by the possibilities it seems to open up. I study landscape architecture and can already think of billions of applications!! I’m having trouble using my own models, however. I’ve been trying with a range of different models I’ve created in both sketchup and rhino (including a terrain model with satellite image overlaid, a playground modelled in rhino with several different textures on it, and a few others) and get similar problems with both. Specifically, the models will either: - appear fragmented, as though they’ve exploded - appear correctly, but the materials won’t appear correctly (again, they appear fragmented)

I’ve tried using wrl, ase and obj formats, with the materials/jpgs in the directory, but can’t get it to work. Can anyone assist me with this?

ALSO, I’m keen to buy the book, and was wondering if it would be useful in helping me develop AR applications for things like interactive sunlight simulations. I’ve seen videos of people doing this, but I’d have NO idea how to develop such a thing!!

Thanks a lot!!

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