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07 Jun 2008, 21:28
Robert Rice (2 posts)

I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to get ARTag to work properly with xcode. Of course, documentation on this specific matter is nearly nonexistent, which makes it even harder. I got OpenGL to work no problem, but trying, for example, the stuff on Chapter 6 (pg 128ish) compiling the first program with artag AND opengl generates a lot of linker problems that I haven’t been able to overcome.

What I really need is a compiled example using xcode, artag and openGL, so I can get a feel for what I’m doing wrong, but I’ve not been able to find ANYTHING along those lines.

Just for kicks, the 1 linker error has something to do with the line #include “camera_cvcam_windows.c”

It is as follows: ld: duplicate symbol _init_camera in /Users/matthewhoemann/Documents/opengl_artest/build/ and /Users/matthewhoemann/Documents/opengl_artest/build/

I figured it was just trying to redefine, so I tried #import, and I put #ifndefs in the .h files and nothing worked. When I comment that #include out i get 13 different errors saying it can’t find functions like artag_find_object and cvFree. I’m sure if I fixed the camera_cvam_windows problem these would pop up anyways because I’m assuming it’s having trouble with the libs or something. Honestly, I just don’t know enough about the environment to be able to fix this issue. If anybody could help, they would be my hero forever.

Cheers, -R

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