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08 Dec 2010, 09:31
Giacomo (1 post)

Good Morning, I’m Giacomo an italian student. I would to use ARTag SDK for academic purposes. When I downloaded it the email said me that I can use the SDK for six months. However, the file readme_expiration that it is inside the library Folder artag_rev2k_sdk_windows_1210 says me this: The library or libraries in this package will stop functioning as of Dec 31/2010. I would like to know if I believe the mail or if I believe the readme file. Thanks for attention. Giacomo

08 Mar 2011, 06:26
Sunder (2 posts)


I too Have this same problem Please Help me ASAP

02 Apr 2011, 22:42
Jimmy Boone (1 post)

Where did you download the SDK? i have the book but the download site seems to not be responding.