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21 Jan 2017, 17:17
Ron Toland (6 posts)

Elm 0.17 changed much of the language, eliminating a lot of the features the book’s examples rely on.

I’ve taken the liberty of translating the Day Two examples to run on Elm 0.18:

29 Jan 2017, 15:15
Ron Toland (6 posts)

I’ve translated the Day Three game code to work in Elm 0.18 as well:

This one needed more extensive changes: swapping signals for subscriptions, updating the imported modules, changing the display code, and updating the use of the Random library.

I also swapped using the keyboard to control the paddle instead of the mouse, since it felt more natural :)

This blog post was particularly helpful in the translation, and it’s where I got the Key.elm package from:

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