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17 Apr 2015, 03:16
John Louis Del Rosario (1 post)

In page 45-46, the orbital-period-transformation function takes a star argument, but when it’s used in the orbital-periods functions, there’s no mention of a star object. How is star passed?

Also, is orbital-period-transformation the transducer? Or is it the transformation and orbital-periods is the transducer? Or is transducer and transformation interchangeable? Or does calling (sequence orbital-period-transformation planets) return a transducer?


17 Apr 2015, 13:48
Alex Miller (29 posts)

On your first question, that’s a bug in the code. Each of the uses of orbital-period-transformation should really be invoked with a star to produce a transducer. I will add an errata for that.

orbital-period-transformation is a function that returns a transducer.

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