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Avi-for-web - copy_pragsmall
23 Jun 2015, 06:56
Avi Avicenna (1 post)

I just bought it yesterday and skimmed this book. The content really helps me understand building software with clojure. Thank you for writing this book.

I am hoping that you could add a chapter about error handling. Or at least, could you provide some guidance and example on doing error handling for components that are connected with channels? I’ve read various suggestions about that kind of error handling on the internet–from each ‘processor’ component should handle its own error to ‘processor’ component must be let to die in case of error and let a supervisor component restart that ‘processor’ component.

29 Jun 2015, 11:18
Alex Miller (29 posts)

Thanks for the suggestion Avi! We will think about whether that would be a good addition, although we are coming to the end of the writing process at this point so it may have to wait for a 2nd edition.

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