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14 Jan 2015, 22:04
Benjamin Klein (7 posts)

This is the discussion forum for The VimL Primer. If you have any questions about the book that you’d like to ask me (or other readers) about, post them here and I’ll try to reply before too long.

If you want to report any errata from the book, you can go to the dedicated Errata page:


11 Feb 2015, 22:08
Sergei Ustinov (1 post)

Thank you Ben! Really great work. It was a pleasure to read the book.

There are questions that haunt me: What the color scheme and fonts are presented on screenshots ? It looks very nice.

Thanks, Sergey.

19 Feb 2015, 22:29
Benjamin Klein (7 posts)

Hello Sergey!

Many thanks—that’s great to hear! (And sorry that this reply is late!)

I use terminal Vim, so fonts and colors have to work with iTerm2 (I am on OS X). The font there is 12pt Andale Mono. (Apparently it’s been replaced by Lucida Console on Windows, but it’s still available on OS X.)

The colorscheme is a huge favorite of mine: wombat256. Specifically I use wombat256mod, although I don’t know whether that version changes the original more than using Pathogen-compatible packaging.


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