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Jon - indiana jones_pragsmall
07 Feb 2015, 00:27
Jon Seidel (1 post)
  1. If mpd is not running, then vim is really hosed… it errors out in the GetMPCStatusLine() method because there are no results from the mpc status call.

  2. I had to move everything from plugin/mpc/ftplugin to ftplugin… in the mpc subdirectories, it executed all the time and caused problems, even when not on an mpdv page.

19 Feb 2015, 22:29
Benjamin Klein (7 posts)

Hi Jon,

Sorry that this reply is so very late!

Good catches, both—thanks! If you could enter these in the Errata section, that would be very helpful… but I’ll get to them in any case.

No. 1 should have been mentioned in the book, but there are ways around the error. I’ll add that (one approach: we can use the abort argument when we define a function; that causes it to abort when it encounters an error).

No. 2 is odd… I don’t see anything under any of the main plugin directories other than the one file (mpc.vim). Can you elaborate?

Again, sorry that this is so late!


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