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10 May 2015, 06:54
Stefan Seegers (6 posts)


I tried to copy&paste the examples from the ebook with weird results. E.g. after typing “git log –numstat” git says “fatal: unrecognized argument: –numstat”.

I’m reading the ebook with Calibre on Windows 8.1 and there seems to be an issue with copying. I saved the copied command into a text file and inspected it with a hex editor. There it is:

Between last t of numstat (ascii code 74) and linefeed (OD OA on Windows) there were 3 more bytes that are the source of this problem.

Solved it by copying into an editor and deleting the last character (in this case t of numstat) and rewrite it, copy again and paste into git bash.

Edit: There seems to be an issue with the board also. numstats uses two dashes and I typed two dashes here. The board seems to remove one of the dashes…

Adamtornhill copy_pragsmall
11 May 2015, 19:02
Adam Tornhill (14 posts)


I’ll forward the information. Just to be sure: the commands are correct in the book (that is, a double dash before numstat), but that gets lost when copying?

Cheers, Adam

13 May 2015, 04:55
Dave Thomas (366 posts)

You’re seeing two issues. The easy one to explain is why two minus signs are displayed as one in the forums. That’s because in regular text, two dashes are converted into an en dash, and three into an em dash.

One dash: -
Two: –
Three: —

The second is your original problem.

I’ve had a look at the source in the original epub. It looks like this:

<div style="white-space: pre-wrap; font-family: DroidSansMono;
font-size:-1;">prompt&gt;<strong class="prompt"> git log --numstat</strong></div>

I have no idea why Calibre would add extra characters to the end of this text, but I’m fairly convinced they aren’t in the actual epub.

Is there another epub reader you could try, just to see if the problem goes away?

14 May 2015, 16:59
Stefan Seegers (6 posts)

Dave, description of first problem is correct.

The second (and original) problem seems indeed to be an calibre issue. It does not appear on FBReader.

Thanks for taking a look at the problem!

Cheers, Stefan

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