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21 Sep 2017, 01:33
Martyn Wilson (8 posts)

When viewing the notes for a notebook, all notes from all notebooks are listed.

Also then routes to each are linked to the notebook being viewed each time.

Screen shows these lists for illustration:

Notebook 1: Note 1a, Note 1b, Note 2a, Note 2b

Notebook 2: Note 1a, Note 1b, Note 2a, Note 2b

Not sure if this is an issue with the template logic or the model, or mirage.

25 Sep 2017, 21:04
Matthew White (67 posts)

This is a bit difficult to debug remotely without looking at the current state of your code. Can you possibly include in your post? Thanks!

26 Sep 2017, 01:02
Martyn Wilson (8 posts)

Hi Matthew. I had to add the associations into the mirage models, and fill out the mirage routes to make the correct data queries. The apps function now matches the relationships in the models.

I didn’t see these details in the book or your code.

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