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22 Aug 2017, 09:49
Kyle Baker (1 post)

I can’t find an appropriate file that matches up with what the book describes. I’m looking at page 46 in Chapter 3 where it instructs you to download a mime.txt file from the IANA website that should contain a text file mapping mime types to their extension. The format described has a mime type on each line, with a tab separating the name and extensions, and a comma separating each of the individual extensions for a type.

The page linked in the book is here:

The plain text link on that page is:

Even using the wayback machine as far back as 2014 I’m not able to see anything that is tab/comma/newline delimeted for type => extensions. Everything is in the format: [Name] [Template] [Reference]. I don’t see anywhere where I can even do some by-hand parsing to get what’s described in the book.

Should the link provided be something different? I’ve also tried googling and can’t find one matching the format. Am I looking in the wrong place or does the book contain the incorrect link?

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