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25 Aug 2016, 10:02
Armand van der Zwan (2 posts)

I have to work with geometry objects. Polygons, lines and points. I want to decide if I’m going to store the geometry data as a transformable (nested NSArrays) or create new entities for each type (Polygon Entity with Many relation to coordinates Entities).

What do you think? Is a transformable attribute faster or slower than say 1000 or more “Coordinate Objects” to be retrieved from Core Data?

25 Aug 2016, 16:44
Marcus S. Zarra (284 posts)

If you need the coordinates to be searchable in any way then you will want to have separate objects.

If you are not going to be searching those coordinates then it does not hurt to have them as transformable.

There is also a third option of translating them into something “else” that is readable such as JSON and storing that so that it is still searchable.

17 Oct 2016, 17:32
Armand van der Zwan (2 posts)


We are on the transformable route. All is working so far…

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