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10 May 2009, 09:24
Mahdi Hosseini Moghaddam (1 post)

hi, I am a newbie and i wanna start learning about parsers and mini compilers and regex and … i hear most about ANTLR. should i learn some topic before use and understanding it? I’m interested in this topic and i didn’t study it carefully in university so after 3 years i found it useful.

14 May 2009, 15:09
Gobeaux Sebastien (5 posts)

4 weeks ago I knew nothing about parser, with only this book I know a lot more. It’s well explained, you get the global idea of what a parser is, and a big focus on ANTLR.

There are many references in the book (most of them available on internet), which is perfect to go deeper in the parser subject.

The only thing you need to know is JAVA (or one of those : C, C++, C#).

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