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23 Mar 2015, 19:35
Peter Fargo (1 post)

This really has gotten the old school juices flowing. I’ve been having a ball playing around with the algorithms. I’ve ported the code to Xojo. The masking section got me thinking about using a 2 pixel cell size maze as a seed for a graphical walled maze where the walls are cells rather than just lines. I got that working nicely with some braiding to allow multiple paths, added in a player character, a few mobs and an exit point. A little bit of game logic with pathTo algorithms and I’ve got a starter game going on OS X, Win32 and iOS. Nice break from business apps :^) iPad

25 Mar 2015, 00:38
Jamis Buck (30 posts)

I love it! What a great exploration, very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

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