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25 Apr 2015, 12:52
Andrew Porter (2 posts)

I learned the basic maze algorithm from reading a type in from a magazine 3D maze program on the BBC Micro.

Ever since then I’ve always reproduced it when learning a new language and recently I rose to the challenge of doing this again in javascript.

Here’s my first draft.

25 Apr 2015, 14:10
Jamis Buck (30 posts)

Very cool! I love the little “mice” that come out at the end – very mesmerizing.

27 Apr 2015, 15:36
Andrew Porter (2 posts)

Have you spotted the one that effectively kills the others ? :)

The blobs are dead simple lefties and righties. I once had an ambition of building a blob-wars script-like language for controlling the blobs, with the goal of destroying other script running blobs before they kill you. Either solo blobs or controlling armies of them etc..

But alas, my ambitions always exceed my motivation and abilities :)

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