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04 May 2016, 19:09
Luc Hessler (1 post)

The command BusyBox needs to be renamed to sh.exe an put on the desktop. The command sh.exe has then to by executed with the flag -1 with the following command line: C:\Windows\System32>cmd.exe /c sh.exe -1 Is this the right spelling? I get an error saying the command may be misspelled or could not be found. Any help?

27 Dec 2016, 22:19
Leonardo (1 post)

i need the link of busybox plz

29 Dec 2016, 13:36
Simon Gasteiger (1 post)

The link “” doesn’t work anymore or it just doesn’t work for me. (It might matter that I’ve got Windows 10). Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please answer soon, thank you!

02 Jan 2017, 15:39
Ron Yorston (6 posts)

The servers have been turned off. You should be able to download busybox.exe from my new website:

14 Jan 2017, 14:38
TD (2 posts)

@ Luc Hessler

< command line: C:\Windows\System32>cmd.exe /c sh.exe -1 Is this the right spelling? >

No, it is a “l” (small letter of “L”). I made the same mistake. This italic “l” looks like “1”.

09 Feb 2017, 20:59
Leonardo (1 post)

Hi , I tried the new link but the busybox.exe didn’t worked with my Windows 10 and it wasn’t possible to install busybox.. can you help me? (the pc tell me something about the smartscreen..) thx

31 May 2017, 21:56 (1 post)

@Ron Yourston - the link, downloads a file with a virus. Can the forum admin please verify and remove both this post and his.

Now for the author/publisher - How do I get a virus-FREE executable of Busybox? I’ve found a download of the source files, but it’s proving to be challenging to get Busybox to work. As a result, I’m unable to proceed.

24 Aug 2017, 20:32
Janet Furlow (6 posts)

This site appears to be current:

02 Jan 2018, 01:41
JPM (4 posts)

This is likely too late to help the above posters, but for others who land here:

On this page:

There is a link to a different forum post here:

This last post claims that busybox_safe.exe does not cause the anti virus software to block busybox.

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