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15 Feb 2017, 20:37
Edwin Meyer (2 posts)

Sounds like a much-needed contribution to RSpec testing. But how much of the book is actually available, even in beta format? I don’t want to plunk down my $$$ and discover that all I get now is the introduction.

A list of the currently available chapters would be very helpful.

Thanks, Edwin Meyer

15 Feb 2017, 20:44
Myron Marston (15 posts)

We’ve planned the book to be 15 chapters plus a couple appendices, and of those the beta has 13 chapters and 1 appendix. So it’s very nearly complete. The TOC at the book page lists all the chapters:

The last 2 (“Customizing Test Doubles” and “Using Test Doubles Effectively”) are not included in the current beta eBook but will be included in the future.

16 Mar 2017, 16:13
Edwin Meyer (2 posts)

Thanks, Myron. That’s very helpful. I’ll plunk down my $$$.

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