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11 Feb 2016, 04:35
Tony Hillerson (40 posts)

Welcome to the forum for Seven Mobile Apps in Seven Weeks.

When I thought of the idea behind this book I’d already been developing mobile apps on iOS and Android for a few years. There was always pressure to use suboptimal solutions to avoid writing native apps and somehow get one or the other platform “for free” with a third party tool. In any case, most clients would rather have an app on more than one platform than only one.

This book is here to help developers who feel these same pressures get a good idea of how to get up to speed on another platform, if they already are familiar with a particular platform. Also, to get an idea of how three well designed cross platform tools work. It could also be a good way for a reasonably experienced programmer to get a quick survey of the modern mobile platforms all at once.

The Seven in Seven series is a venerable series, and I’m proud to be able to put this book among the other members. I think it’s a great fit, covering a new area in this excellent format.

I hope I can answer any questions you have, and that you’ll also use this forum to offer your insights for anyone else developing mobile apps for more than one platform.

Thank you!

  • Tony
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