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10 Jun 2016, 19:20
H. Paul Robertson (9 posts)

What do I use as the MapQuest API key?

I created an account on MapQuest and I go to this page:

There it lists a default application “My Application” including a “Consumer Key” and a “Consumer Secret.”

I tried using the “Consumer Key” as the PATH variable before starting the rails server, but I’m getting an error “The AppKey submitted with this request is invalid.”

Where do I get the API key to use? Or am I supposed to somehow enter both the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret?


14 Jun 2016, 03:31
Tony Hillerson (38 posts)

Hm… you definitely want the key, not the secret. You don’t want the PATH variable, though.

Are you doing the below?

$ MAPQUEST_API_KEY=<key> rails server

Or, on Windows:

$ set MAPQUEST_API_KEY=<key>
$ rails server
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