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28 Nov 2017, 15:28
Alex Baker (1 post)

Yahoo shut down their finance API so the stock quote and currency conversion APIs are broken. There is another Yahoo API that can be used with some modification to stock_quote.rb. I posted a gist with the changes:

I’m on day 0 so I don’t know if these changes cause any issues down the road, e.g. key names changed and a couple of the keys aren’t available in this API. I also haven’t looked into fixing currency_conversion.rb

28 Nov 2017, 17:13
Tony Hillerson (38 posts)

Awesome, thank you for posting that.

As a note, I designed there to be the local API in the middle of the apps and the “external” dependencies so that in a pinch, the Rails API could be modified to return the test data, or any other data you want, as an attempt at cushioning readers from changes.

02 Mar 2018, 06:26
Scott Johnson (4 posts)

Shouldn’t this (and a fix for the currency conversion API) be in the errata?

07 Mar 2018, 18:07
Tony Hillerson (38 posts)

Good idea, added errata.

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