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30 May 2015, 17:51
Nicholas Furness (1 post)

Just finished chapter 5 and the wrap up confused me slightly when it talked about dynamic content: “One limitation to groups, however, is that all of their content has to be in your storyboard. What about apps that have dynamic content?”

That implied to me that you couldn’t update the contents of the labels we’d just placed, but what it really means is that if you have multiple items to display, you can’t do that with groups (since you can’t create WKInterfaceObjects on the fly).

It’s a small point, but the way I read it, it misled me for a bit. What do you think? Worth rejigging a little?

10 Jun 2015, 16:17
Jeff Kelley (8 posts)

Hi Nicholas! That’s a great point. It could definitely be clearer. As you’ve guessed, what I meant to say by “dynamic content” is that concept of dynamically adding or removing interface objects. Thanks for the feedback!

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