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11 Feb 2017, 18:54
Giacomo Cosenza (6 posts)

Is there a reason why even if I can successfully run the RefugeChapter3.lw composition the exact same composition returns an error when compiled with the lwc Ludwin compiler:

$ lwc RefugeChapter3.lw

ludwig (timeout error):

“primitive” (line 1, column 1):

Timeout after 3 seconds:

Check your program for cyclic references.

23 Feb 2017, 22:41
Giacomo Cosenza (6 posts)

Thanks to Racquel, I understood that the issue depended on a short default timeout (i.e. 3 seconds) of the lwc compiler. The workaround is just to pass a longer value to the --timeout option of the lwc compiler.

Honestly I never met a compiler with a timeout. It could be useful to be informed on the use case that required it in context of the lwc compiler.

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