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05 Mar 2017, 04:34
Alexander Wong (1 post)

Hello, will users who purchased the eBook/Hard Copy receive the Phoenix Framework 1.3 update, or will we have to purchase the book again?

13 Mar 2017, 19:25
Tiago Davi (4 posts)

I was going to ask the same thing.

13 Mar 2017, 19:36
José Valim (60 posts)

We would love to but it is still too early to tell. We are finishing work on Phoenix v1.3 and once we put our attention back on the book we will have more news to share.

13 Mar 2017, 20:01
Bruce Tate (20 posts)

We are working with the publisher. There are a couple of options we are looking at. I think they are leaning to an option where you can get an e-book for every other update for free. That means the publisher is motivated to keep the book fresh, but the users don’t have to buy every single one.

I make no promises, though, but that’s what we want.

13 Mar 2017, 22:01
Tiago Davi (4 posts)

It would be great. Thanks.

15 Mar 2017, 16:26
Watts Martin (1 post)

A free update would certainly be nice, given that I bought the existing book on March 9th without realizing that it would already be out of date.

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