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06 Apr 2016, 17:27
Alan Maciel (10 posts)

Hi, I just got an email this morning announcing Agile Web Development with Rails 5 and it says this

“if you bought the previous edition directly from, you get the ebook of this new edition for free. Just login to your account on, and you’ll find a 100% coupon for this ebook. Redeem the coupon and you’re on your way to Rails 5 mastery”

I bought the Agile Web Development with Rails 4 ebook but I logged and I can’t find the coupon.

06 Apr 2016, 17:42
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

As is often the case with betas, it does appear that there was a glitch. I’m told that the problem has been corrected, but you may need to log out and log back in to see the coupon. Please give that a try, and report back if there still is a problem.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

06 Apr 2016, 18:06
Dr Karl Stolley (1 post)

I tried the login/logout suggestion, Sam, but the Rails 5 beta coupon is still not showing on my account page (though there were others for a few different books that I was able to redeem).

06 Apr 2016, 18:13
Charles Forcey (1 post)

I had the same issue – logged in, logged out, see other coupons but not this one. Have new book in shopping cart. Help/advice welcome. Thanks! Charlie

06 Apr 2016, 19:02
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (55 posts)

Hi Karl and Charlie,

Please email directly and they will work with you to resolve the problem. Thanks, and sorry for the trouble!


Susannah Pfalzer

Pragmatic Bookshelf

06 Apr 2016, 22:00
Kosmas Chatzimichalis (15 posts)

Thank you.

Problem solved, and book downloaded!

Thanks for the free upgrade.

07 Apr 2016, 02:23
Endy Tjahjono (1 post)

How far back is the eligibility of this free upgrade? I have the original Agile Web Development with Rails from 2005 :)

07 Apr 2016, 07:29
Nick Chernyshev (1 post)

The same issue for me – tried to login/logout but can’t see the coupon. Will try to contact support directly.

07 Apr 2016, 08:59
Alexander Zubkov (2 posts)

I don’t see the coupon. Tried to logout and login again.

07 Apr 2016, 12:32
Sam Ruby (633 posts)

This is not something I can directly help with. Please contact directly and they will answer questions and work with you to resolve any problems.

07 Apr 2016, 13:41
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (55 posts)

Hi Endy,

The upgrade is for buyers of the Rails 4 edition only.


Susannah Pfalzer

Pragmatic Bookshelf

08 Apr 2016, 11:54
Alexander Zubkov (2 posts)

It is confusing. The mailing says “if you bought the previous edition”, not “if you bought Rails 4 edition”. The number 4 is never mentioned in all email message. Thanks for clarification anyway.

09 Apr 2016, 18:57
Oleksandr Manenko (3 posts)

Works like a charm. Thank you guys for the free upgrade!

09 Apr 2016, 19:54
Daniel Kühl Lima (3 posts)


I have all previous editions, however, I didn’t received the coupon :(

11 Apr 2016, 05:30
Askarbek Karasaev (45 posts)

Hi Daniel,

As mentioned above, you should contact

11 Apr 2016, 05:49
Alex Lin (1 post)

I bought the Agile Web Development with Rails 4 ebook but I logged and I can’t find the coupon.too

01 Sep 2016, 16:01
Laura (47 posts)

Hi Sam, I did not see this topic before. I bought both versions (4&5) from pragprog. I asked support for an upgrade before I bought 5 beta but they refused. regards Laura

01 Sep 2016, 21:11
Susannah Davidson Pfalzer (55 posts)

Hello Laura,

Unfortunately, due to the timing of your purchase of the previous edition, when the new edition was already available, we were unable to offer an upgrade.



02 Sep 2016, 21:51
Laura (47 posts)

I think i read about a free upgrade and thought I will be able to upgrade when the book is released. It is a strange policy to give a free upgrade for old purchaces but not later one. The book is worth money so I dont mind that much. I thought that CP is all about logic but your policy is ill-logical. regards Laura

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